About me

I’m the happy father of 2, a husband of a wonderful person, a world traveler, a sports man, a nature lover, a health enthusiast and a digital entrepreneur. I have been an entrepreneur since 2005 and since then I have founded 5 businesses living in 3 dream countries. Brazil, Hawaii and Greece to be more precise.

A little background

Let me tell you, I have lived a pretty unconventional life. I have prioritized my passion which is for windsurfing big waves and this has led me to live in 2 amazing places, Brazil and Hawaii.

As a result I had to reinvented myself 2 times over the past 10 years each time starting from scratch. For some freaking reason though, a divine universal power has supported me and I succeeded in both these times.

This path started 5 years earlier though when I was reading a speech from legendary Steve Jobs who was talking about connecting the dots and staying foolish in life.

Something happened inside me then, a very strong desire, like a primitive fire, which led me quit my high paying engineering job and go travel to South America for 4 months.

When I came back from this incredible trip I was a very different person, as you can imagine.

Firing the boss

I did not want to work for anyone anymore. The thing is that I was “infected” with travelling so badly that I could not imagine myself begging my boss for vacation. This pushed me to my first solo business which was related to import of electronics from Hong Kong.

The business had a slow start but turned out to be extremely successful showing me that everything is possible and that I have the power to achieve my desires. My father used to say “where there is a will, there is a way” and I surely was listening.

Taking charge of life

Fast forward 5 years, it’s 2009, the crisis hits Greece and I find the perfect opportunity to move to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a place that had been in my dreams ever since visiting during my South America trip.

The universe was watching my back and gave me another 2 successful businesses, the woman of my life and our fist child there.

Pretty good I would say for a 35 year old who moved to Brazil by himself in his pursuit of his passion.

Time for Hawaii

After Rio de Janeiro another paradise for my young family. This time Maui, Hawaii. In total we stayed 3 years on Maui and let me tell you, did it have ups and downs. It was a magical time for the first 6 months until I had the “romantic” idea to open a cafe/restaurant, The Greek Oven Maui.

This business, I have to admit, brought me to my knees. There was never a time in my life that I was more stressed out and this lasted for about 1.5 year.

Having two young kids along with a new restaurant was FAR from life in paradise. My wife and I took a toll and experienced stressful weeks with no days off, long days and nights, the work in the kitchen, reviews on SM, etc etc.

Imagine, a business that does not rest, a far distant island, expensive life, no family support, finances going down…fast!

I was mentally and physically exhausted and I was living a life of misery by missing on the most important: the afternoons and the weekends with my kids and wife. 

Taking the hard decisions

It was not too long that after serious, realistic conversations my wife and I decided to put an end to this before it put an end to us.

And so it happened and we closed down the restaurant just 15 months after opening my friends.

We lost a lot of money BUT we are dead sure that that was the best decision we could have made.

Most importantly because we did not see ourselves doing this job in 5, 10 years. There was just no leverage and unless it’s your passion, which it wasn’t ours, it would eat you alive.

Santuzza told me something that we both will never forget: “Money you can make, time you can’t!”

What she said rang a huge bell in my head and marked the turning point for me. It was the necessary push to bring me where I’m now.

During this extreme stressful experience, I received the realization that I have to choose wise on my next business venture.

Choosing the CLEVER business

I remember all the months leading to the end of our restaurant when I was telling my wife and to my employees every day: “Man, our next business has to be a CLEVER one”

It has to be a business that a) can be leveraged, b) has no geographical constraints, c) has very little fixed costs and no binding contracts and d) if you decide not to work one day or one week, nothing bad will happen!

These were exactly our PAIN POINTS at the restaurant.

Well right after managing to escape our greedy landlord who wanted us to leave everything on the table, we left the island and went back to Greece, back to safety, back to low cost of living. Our plan was to re-group and have the time to research.

Naturally I looked in the internet for my new venture as I knew that the Digital Economy is the future and I wanted to be part of it. My exact words were ”I want to become a guru at online marketing” because I wanted to be able to sell anything to anyone around the world.

I also knew that by living in Greece, a country that is living its own Great Depression, I could not hope to market anything there and still make a descent living.

The digital business system

And I found it. I stumbled upon an online education platform and a digital business system that is run by extraordinary people, mentors who took me by the hand and showed me the way. Today, I’m still with them, training and earning at the same time, it’s an ongoing process.

Now I live the life of a digital entrepreneur and I work from my laptop enjoying complete geographical freedom. I spend a huge amount of time with my family and I invest heavily in my health, body and soul.

Now I live the life of a digital entrepreneur and I work from my laptop enjoying complete geographical freedom. I spend a huge amount of time with my family and I invest heavily in my health, body and soul.

I believe that everything happens for a reason in our life and I don’t regret my business venture for a moment. Our strongest values spring out of our lowest points in our lives and they form the pillars on which we hold on to achieve great things.

Right now I feel happy and with a clear vision of where I want to go. I’m confident I’m on the right path to success in this ever changing world.

Finally, dear reader, I have an advice for you.

Go for your passions, don’t take No for an answer and trust your heart.

Thank you for reading



A list of my Business Ventures

  • A real estate development company I co-founded with my brothers in 2002; we built vacation homes on the Greek islands
  • An agency for electronics which I started in Athens in 2005 after quitting my first job at a large construction company. I worked from my computer for 4 years 
  • A real estate fund which I co-founded in Brazil in 2009 when I moved to Rio de Janeiro
  • A tech startup incubation which I co-founded in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro
  • A restaurant which I opened in Hawaii in 2016


  • Founded 5 businesses in 3 continents
  • Changed carrier 6 times 
  • Relocated to the endless summer in 2009, first to Rio de Janeiro and then to Maui, Hawaii
  • Windsurfed BIG waves in Peru, Chile, Hawaii and South Africa

My Education

  • Electrical Engineering school, year of 1999
  • American College of Athens, year of 1993

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